Heavyweights 9 x 10ml Bottle Battle Royal Pack (3mg)

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Heavyweights 9 x 10ml Bottle Battle Royal Pack (3mg)

Power Packed Battle Royal of Flavor Sample Pack!

All 9 Flavors of the Heavyweights line in 10ml bottles for your sampling!

Strength: 3mg


Avalanche: The King Kong Oreo of the Heavyweight Division.

Headshrinker: Straight from the islands of Samoa comes this guava giant mixed with mangoes.

Mouth of the South: No one can keep quiet about this Southern Iced Tea!

Superfly: High Flyin off the top rope this pineapple will split your taste buds in two.

The Animal: Like the Animal's melon, this one is beautifully scrambled.

The Dragon: Dependable and precise this berry wins the belt in any ring!

The Rock: Step aside flavor jabronies, this gummy is the Peoples Champion!

The Ventura: Pink and tart lemonade as sweet as the legend himself!

What a Rush: This Peach tea is a tag team of epic proportions.

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