Golisi 26650 31A 4300mah

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Golisi 26650 31A 4300mah

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Bench Test Results: Golisi 35A 4300mAh 26650...a great 31A battery, close to the iJoy

Bottom Line: For the Geekvape Aegis mods that ship with a battery, this is it. This a great performing cell, easily one of the top three 26650’s. It is equal to the Aspire 4300mAh (test results soon) and almost equal to the iJoy 4200mAh. The Golisi is identical in appearance to the Aspire and only the surface finish of the top contact metal differentiates it from the iJoy.

I will be retesting the iJoy again soon to see if these three might all be the same cell.

This cell runs a couple of degrees cooler than the iJoy so it earns a 31A continuous rating versus the 30A rating of the iJoy. You will not notice a difference this small in use though. The iJoys I tested in September, 2016 hit a little bit harder though.

I am rating this Golisi cell at 31A and 4300mAh. Its maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating is 40A, limited by voltage sag. I’m not bothered by Golisi’s 35A rating because it’s so close to mine and is still lower than my MVA rating.

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