Beard Vape NO.32 60ml

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Beard Vape NO.32 60ml

One of the most popular E-liquids on the market, No. 32, is a delicious cinnamon funnel cake. Tested against 99 other flavors during it’s creation, No. 32 quickly became the favorite; first, around Venice, CA., where Beard calls home, and since, around the world.

The perfect all day vape, one hit and you’ll swear you were waiting in line for bumper cars at the county fair. No. 32 embodies every last crumb of a cinnamon and sugar covered fried funnel cake, hot and fresh from the concession stand. Find out for yourself why No. 32 is one of the best E-liquids in the world, just remember to stock up because we guarantee you’ll run out quickly.


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